Spanish Birth Certificate Translations (From Spain)

We have decided to address a page entirely to Spanish Birth Certificates (from Spain) due to the many differences they have from birth certificates from other Spanish speaking countries. There are different styles and formats of Spanish Birth Certificates, however the amount of variation is much less than that of other countries.

Spanish Birth Certificate from Logroño - Page 1 of 2

Spanish Birth Certificate from Logroño - Page 2 of 2

A Note About Handwritten Portions of your Spanish Birth Certificate

The Accurate Translator, llc is a first-class translation agency but sometimes we may need your help in deciphering bad handwriting. To ensure a speedy and accurate translation, it is important for you to review the handwritten portion of your Birth Certificate. Consider any of the portions that may be difficult to read for someone unfamiliar with your birth certificate. You will probably know the information which is handwritten because it is usually limited to names, important dates, times, addresses, etc. It is helpful to submit this information (typed - in its original Spanish) along with your certificate which can be done by an e-mail, an e-mailed document, or even fax.

Obtaining your Spanish Birth Certificate - Links.

If you are living outside of Spain and are in need of your Spanish Birth Certificate and unable to have it forwarded to you from Spain by friends or family, you may want to try contacting the Ministerio de Justicia. .

If you know of a more useful site, please forward it to us so we can post that information for our clients.

Spanish Birth Certificate Translations - Average Pricing

ALL Spanish Birth Certificate translations of ONE-PAGE / ONE-SIDE have a guaranteed standard pricing of $65.00. Additional pages run from $15.00 - $45.00 additional depending upon the complexity. The pricing of the additional pages will be quoted after sending us the document by fax, e-mail or uploaded from our pricing page. On average, Spanish Birth Certificate usually cost around $85.00 for their complete translation (since most are two pages in length). Each translated page must also be notarized which is an additional cost of $4.00 per page / per copy.

All Spanish Birth Certificate Translations are guaranteed to be accept by any U.S. Federal, State, or Local office. For information on how to get started, be sure to check out out web page entitled Birth Certificate Translation which is the first item of the self titled pull-down menu above.