how can a get a precise detailed quote on my translation?

A general pricing guideline is below. Feel free to call us at 1-602-773-1380 anytime Mon. - Fri. 9 AM - 5 PM MST to talk with us, or please FAX or email your documents for an exact, prompt and precise quote on time and cost. .

A NOTE ON CONFIDENTIALITY: You are under no obligation and any documents e-mailed or faxed for quotation purposes not used for a translation job are promptly deleted or destroyed. Most inquiries are addressed well before the end of the business day. AT NO TIME WILL YOUR INFORMATION EVER BE GIVEN TO A THIRD PARTY nor will you be contacted by phone unless you state that is your preferred method of notification.

Sending and Receiving Documents

Documents can be sent by email or fax. Feel free to e-mail any scanned or smart phone photographed images to our e-mail. Faxes are also accepted at: 1-206-337-2559; if sending a fax, include a cover page with your name, fax and email address.

Once translations are completed, those translations that require a physical hard copy, (such as a notarized birth certificate, marriage license, diploma, transcript, etc.) will be sent via first-class mail or set aside for pick up if you select that option (and live within the Phoenix metro area). Mail delivery time varies throughout the United States from one to four days, however, delivery within the state of Arizona takes on average only one business day. All first-class mailing costs are included with any quote."

How do you base your pricing?

The cost for Document Translation is based on the number of source words or by the particular job. Translations with flat fees per job or page mainly pertains to birth certificates, marriage licenses, diplomas, transcripts, police records, death certificates and other document translations typically requested by immigration (the USCIS) or other governmental agencies.

The cost for text translations of 250 words or greater range from $.14 - $.22 per source word. Influencing factors to determine the price include the language, type of document, due date, and prospect of future business. We maintain a policy of charging based on the number of source words (in most cases) as opposed to target words in order give the client a set cost prior to starting any job.

Consecutive translation and Voice Over talent are priced on a per hour basis. Per hour pricing ranges from $70.00 - $120.00 plus fees for mileage.

Pricing for translation jobs with flat fees: The following pricing pertains mainly to: marriage certificate translation, birth certificate translation, death certificate translation, background checks and academic document translation (university transcripts and diplomas):

  • One page, one side - Spanish to English or English: From $45 - $125. Price varies depending on typesetting (formatting in order for it to resemble the original). Additional pages (or sides) range from $20 - $45- This includes all Mexican birth certificate translation or certificates from any other Spanish speaking country.
  • First class USPS mail - Included - no additional charge
  • Digital storage of translated document for 3 years - free


For birth certificate translation or the translation of marriage licenses, divorce decrees, diplomas, death certificates and similar types of documents, payment is required prior to beginning the translation services. Payment is accepted by credit or debit card and e-check. For your convenience, we will send an online invoice which will allow you to pay quickly and securely or you can fill out a payment authorization form and return it to us by fax, email, or the file upload option below. YOU ARE GUARENTEED that any translation we complete for you required to be submitted to any U.S. government office (state, local, and federal) will be accepted. Any document not accepted will entitle you to a full refund or a corrected document (to date, all documents have been accepted). Additionally you are guaranteed that if any translation of a public legal document contains any error or misspelling, a new corrected notarized copy will be resent to you at our expense. Businesses and Corporate Accounts - With appropriate credit references, we can accept payment upon job completion, otherwise a deposit or prepayment for job commencement may be required. Please contact us for further information.