A general pricing guideline is listed further below. Specific quotes are usually done after you submit a document to us. This is easily completed using any of the following methods:

  • Scan a document’s page(s) and send it by email to:
  • Take a picture of the document’s page(s) and text it/them using your phone’s default text program or by using the texting service, WhatsApp. The text-only number is 480-206-6071 and available 24-hours a day. Photos can also be emailed to:

Please be sure to provide your name and e-mail address if it is not listed on one of these methods so we can promptly send you a quote. If you have a strict timeline in which your job needs to be completed, please note that information.

After the document(s) is/are sent, a two-page quote which goes over the specific pricing, notarization options, estimated completion time, payment methods accepted, and expediting options offered will be promptly sent to you via WhatsApp or e-mail.


Having gained the trust and loyalty of our clients over the last 16 years are two of the Accurate Translator’s proudest achievements. We take all information as extremely private and confidential.

If you are provided a specific quote, you are under no obligation and will not be bothered incessantly for your business. At most, we may (but not always) follow up to make sure you got the quote. We believe in the “soft-sell” approach.

Any documents that are used for quotation and not acted on are permanently deleted after two weeks.

Also, do not be surprised if we talk you out of having some items translated. If you are asking us to translate an item rarely asked for by USCIS, we’ll be sure to let you know. Translation can be expensive. It is our duty to inform you when or if an item is not customarily translated. This makes us probably the only translation agency in existence to try NOT to sell you a service – especially if it will not be needed.


Once translations are completed, those translations that require a physical hard copy, (such as a notarized birth certificate, marriage license, diploma, transcript, etc.) will be sent via first-class mail or set aside for pick up if you select that option (and live within the Phoenix metro area).

Mail delivery time varies throughout the United States from one to four days, however, delivery within the state of Arizona takes on average only one or two business days. All first-class mailing costs are included with any quote.


In general, translation costs are provided in one of two manners: 1) As a flat rate OR 2) Based on the number of words in the source document.

Jobs that tend to have flat rates include: Birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, criminal background checks, single status declarations, divorce decree certificates, academic transcripts, diplomas, degrees and others. These jobs are not just simple translations, but also require extensive editing, proofing, and the most time consuming is their typesetting. This means that the document is styled and formatted to resemble the original. This requires extensive skills in Word in order to reproduce the look and feel of the original, but in the new language. This is important because most civil servants will compare the original (source) document with the translation (target) document in a side-by-side comparison. If the translation is not formatted in this fashion, its acceptance may be slowed or denied completely.

Jobs that are charged by the word: These include text heavy jobs with very limited need for typesetting or if there is some typesetting, it is incorporated into the per-word cost. Jobs that tend to be charged by the word include corporate, non-profit, or government projects / jobs. These include every type of human resource manual, OSHA related regulations, articles of incorporation, divorce decrees from the U.S., contracts, and more.

FLAT RATE JOBS: Range from $75 - $125 per single sided page. Additional pages: $35-$85.00 JOBS CHARGED PER WORD: $.14 - $.26 per word - Price varies greatly due to language, ongoing business, the development of the client’s Translation Memory (TM) and typesetting.

NOTARIZATION FEES: $10.00 per notarization stamp. This is a fixed-rate as it is done by a third party.

1ST CLASS MAILING: Included in the above pricing

U.S. PRIORITY MAIL: 2-4 days and has tracking, cost: $18.00

DIGITAL STORAGE: Up to 5 years – free of charge

NOTARIZED REPRINTS AT LATER DATES: $25.00 for one, $15.00 for each additional. This includes postage.


  1. Via Zelle: You may pay us using the phone no. 480-206-6071 or email:
  2. If you have PayPal, Go to the link: and insert your total amount and follow on-screen payment instructions.
  3. If you do not have PayPal, but would like to pay online, please let us know and we will send you a personalized invoice.
  4. You can pay by filling out the information on the credit card authorization form located at: and returning it by text, fax or e-mail.
  5. You can call us and provide us payment information of your debit/credit card by phone.


We guarantee that any translation required for use in the U.S. by any State, Local, or Federal entity will be accepted provided you submit it along with other required documentation (like the source language document). In the unlikely event any document is rejected within the U.S., we will correct the mistake and refund your money for that part of the job that was rejected.