Mexican Birth Certificate Translation and Marriage Certificate Translation

The Translation of Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificates from Mexico is always a unique challenge. Each locality has their own civil registry office which in turn has its own format and style of standard birth certificates. This is complicated even more by the changing styles from year to year. Just like in the U.S., there are short and long forms. Providing the certificates are issued by the Civil Registry Office, these are all acceptable formats for translation. Many civil registries use concise and easy formats while some have difficult to read hand-written certificates.

Whatever style or format of Mexican birth certificate you have, the Accurate Translator, llc can translate them all. Moreover, we will reproduce the actual style and format in the translation making a side-by-side comparison possible. This helps ensure the reader that the translation was done accurately, completely, and competently.

Styles and Examples of Common Mexican Birth Certificates

Below, the extent of the differences in styles of birth certificates can certainly be appreciated. Below are four different birth certificates from Mexico. These represent only a very small portion of Mexico's different birth certificate formats.

Colimba Mexico birth certificate translation Michoacan Mexican birth certificate translation Baja California birth certificate translation Guanajuato Mexico birth certificate translation
Mexican Birth Certificate Example for Manzanillo, Colima for certificate issued 2012 Mexican Birth Certificate Example for Morelia Michoacan for certificate issued in 2002 Mexican Birth Certificate Example - Filled out by hand issued in Mexicali, Baja California 1971 Mexican Birth Certificate Example for Manuel Doblado, Guanajuato issued in 2008
Although most styles differ greatly, about 75% of all Mexican birth certificates consist of only one page and one side. If it consists of another page or side, this is usually a declaration or stamp summarizing that the copy is certified and issued by the proper authority. Click here for our birth certificate translation pricing information.

Styles and Examples of Other Commonly Requested Mexican Documents to be Translated.

The bottom four documents consist of marriage certificates, a divorce certificate and a death certificate. Next to the birth certificate, these are the most commonly requested documents required for translation.

Marriage certificate translation is not only common for submitting documents to USCIS but also for any U.S. citizen who decides to marry and honeymoon in exotic locations like Acapulco, Cancun, etc. If you are thinking of marrying in Mexico, ask us about package which include the translation of documents you will need to present in order to marry in Mexico in addition to translating your Mexican marriage certificate upon your return to legalize it in the U.S.

Mexican marriage certificate translation Mexican birth certificate example Mexican divorce certificate translation Mexican death certificate translation
Mexican Marriage Certificate Example - Issued to U.S. couple married in Mexico Mexican Birth Certificate Example - Issued in Quintana Roo Mexican Divorce Certificate Example - Issued in Coahuila Mexican Death Certificate Example - Issued in Baja California

A Note About Handwritten or Filled Out by Hand Foreign Documents for Translation

Some people may think that just because their birth certificate, marriage license, etc... was filled out by hand that it might not be accepted. That is not true. It was not uncommon for many of these certificates to be filled out or even hand-written. Providing the original has some sort of stamp or seal from the issuing civil registry office, most of the time, it is easily accepted and can also be translated.

Many times however, some information on the certificate may be illegible to our translation staff. This is usually information with which the client is familiar such as the names of individuals, geographic locations, or even addresses. To help expedite your hand-written of filled out certificate translation, please send a typed transcription in its original Spanish of the document or document's portion that may be illegible.