Credential Evaluation of Academic Documents

Due to the different educational systems throughout the world, it may be necessary to have your translated academic credentials professionally evaluated. This step not only ensures the reader that the documents are authentic, but also that there is a U.S. equivalency with these credentials for individual courses, degrees, and diplomas. Professional Evaluation is usually a mandatory process when documents are requested from a university registrars office, licensure board, and at times, even an employer.

The Accurate Translator, LLC works closely with Career Consulting International  for all educational documents requiring professional evaluation. Please feel free to contact Career Consulting International to obtain a quote on the evaluation of your translated credentials. Feel free to link to them directly by clicking their logo or calling them toll-free at 1-800-771-4723. Callers outside the U.S. may reach them at 1-954-384-9541.

Services provided by CCI include:

  • Foreign Credential Evaluations
  • Immigration Visas (H1-B, I-140, TN)
  • Difficult Immigration Cases (3 Year Degree, RFE's, Denials, Change of Major etc.)
  • Expert Opinion Letters
  • Employment
  • University Admissions
  • Rush Services Available
  • Original Documents Not Required
  • Low Price Guarantee

CCI is a member of, through its director: AEA (The American Evaluation Association ), NAFSA (Association of International Educators and EAIE (European Association for International Education