Typesetting: Style and Formatting of Public Legal, Civil Documents, Academic Transcripts and Diplomas

Clients must always be asked how they would like to receive their completed translation.  Any translation may be returned to the client as a document, a physical copy, or both.  Most common formats returned to the client are in Microsoft Word, Adobe, PowerPoint, and In Design.  Physical translations of documents are sometimes required for immigration, but also might be requested by some other government office for any number of reasons.

If a physical document of a translation is required, the original or certified copy of the source document should also accompany the translation.  Translations of this nature include birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, criminal background checks, police reports, immunization records, medical records, financial statements and more.  The Accurate Translator, llc is keenly aware of the potential audience of any translation produced.  To demonstrate the translation was done competently, accurately, completely and truthfully, special care is taken to conserve the style and format of the original source document in the translation.  Most civil documents and academic transcripts have tables, text boxes, seals and stamps.  The Accurate Translator, llc uses advanced typesetting and desktop publishing techniques to preserve this style to be reflected in the translation.  By reproducing the style and format of the original document in the translation,a side-by-side comparison of the two proves invaluable to any audience.As a result, the reader can quickly deduce by comparing universal information (dates, numbers, proper names) and its positioning that the translation was competently completed.

Often, translations are outright rejected by the government officials when universal information is excluded or not easily located.  The Accurate Translator, llc receives frequent inquiries about translations previously rejected and produced by other translation agencies or individuals.  Besides the additional monetary costs to produce a new translation, delays caused by rejected translations can set the entire process back by months.

As a result, any translation for use at any U.S. government office the Accurate Translator, llc produces is backed by a 100% guarantee of acceptance.