Academic Translation - Transcript and Diploma Translation

One of the most demanding audiences for translations are those who will ask you for the translation of your academic documents. These can include the translation of diplomas, translation of degrees, and the translation of transcripts. High school transcript and diploma translation are commonly requested for anyone entering into a college or university from those who have studied abroad. Whatever the reason, we provide translations for: USCIS (Immigration), Employment, University Admissions, and Certification Boards.

Not all translators are suitable to translate educational and academic documents. The translation of academic documents is something not to be left to the inexperienced. The Accurate Translator, llc has years of experience and expertise in translating all types of educational documents.

Transcript, Degree and Diploma Translation - The Process..

Our dedication to quality ensures not only an accurate diploma or transcript translation, but a translated document with a comparative resemblance to the original format and style. This allows a side-by-side comparison of the original and translated document demonstrating quality and thoroughness. Most importantly, we make sure the translation does not create additional questions through inaccurate interpretations or poorly worded expressions with no cultural equivalent reference. When appropriate, supplemental information will be included about the region's educational system.

Our advance typesetting and desktop publishing skills benefit our clients. Whereas many translators produce simple text translations, we produce an entirely presentable translation that can be easily compared to the original, but in the target language.

Languages Served

We translate not only into English, but also into Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. Currently, we translate from the following languages: Spanish, English, Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Albanian. Please check with us directly if your language pair is not listed as this changes frequently as we add qualified translators.

Professional Academic Evaluation: Determination of U.S. Educational Equivalency

Translating transcripts or obtaining your university or high school diploma translation may only be your first step. It is not uncommon to be requested to have your credentials professionally evaluated. There are many companies dedicated to providing independent verification of the equivalence of credentials obtained in foreign countries.

If so, please view this page or the corresponding page from the Academic translation's drop down menu above.

How much does it cost for a degree, transcript or diploma translation? How do I make payment?

Since every Academic document(s) are different, pricing cannot be fully determined unless we actually view an uploaded, emailed or faxed copy. Regardless, you can get an idea of the upper range based on the following:

  • One page, one side of less than 250 words from $49.00.
  • Digital storage of translated document for 3 years: Free

I'm ready to have my document translated, what now? Do you need the original document?

No. The original document is not required to begin translation. A fax, scanned e-mail copy, or uploaded scanned copy is preferred. The original or certified copy of the source document must accompany the translation when it arrives to you.

In order to begin, simply scan a copy of the document and e-mail or upload at this page to us. If you wish to send it by fax, please fax it to our "fax to e-mail" system at 1-206-337-2559. Include in your e-mail or fax cover page the following information: e-mail address, phone number, address, date by which you wish to have the completed document in hand, and street address to where to mail the finished copy. After sending us this information, within 24 hours you will have an e-mail confirmation and a separate e-mail with a link to your invoice of your purchase and directions on how to make payment.

From which universities or other academic institutions have we translated transcripts and diplomas?

A comprehensive list is almost impossible to compile, let alone, keep up to date. Our clients have brought us transcripts, diplomas, and various degrees from all over the world. Many of these famous institutions of higher learning include:

La Universidad de Granada, Brown University, Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey, Universidad Salgado de Oliveira, University of Arizona, Universidad Autonoma de Mexico, Universidad de Guadalajara, Universidad de Nuevo Leon, Universidad Nacional de San Agustin de Arequipa, University of California, Riverside, Unviersidad de Holguin, Oscar L. Moya, Universidad de Oriente - Venezuela, Universitat de Barcelona