Translating U.S. Birth Certificates for use in Spanish Speaking Countries

Many of those requesting a birth certificate translation (or other public document) for use in a Spanish speaking country do so for marriage purposes. Others are U.S. citizens moving to other countries or students who wish to study abroad..

Whatever the reason, the Accurate Translator, llc can assist you in translating your U.S. birth certificate or other document so it will be accepted by the requesting country. Please note that in addition to having the birth certificate translated, you may have to also obtain an Apostille Certificate which essentially legalizes and authenticates the birth certificate (or other public legal document) for use abroad. To determine if this is needed, you must inquire with the agency (embassy, consulate, civil registry, etc.) that is requesting the birth certificate (and its translation). Please see our page about Apostille Certificates for more information.

Marriage in Mexico or other Foreign Country for U.S. Citizens.

A little planning can save you a lot of grief. Make sure you have all the documents needed with their corresponding Apostille Certificates. Lastly, make sure all English language public documents are translated - not just the birth certificate. In addition to translating birth certificates, we also provide marriage certificate translations, police background check translations, affidavit of single status translations, divorce decree translations, and many others. It is highly recommended to research a good wedding planner who specializes in marriages for the destination you select as they will be able to advise you regarding all the necessary marriage documents required which can include application forms, travel permits, blood tests, etc. If either party has been married previously, additional documentation will be required such as either a divorce decree, death certificate and previous marriage certificates.

UPON YOUR RETURN from the marriage abroad, you will have a marriage certificate - but it will be in Spanish. To legalize it in the U.S., this too will eventually need to be translated. Be sure to contact us regarding this when you return.

Common Styles of U.S. Birth Certificates Translated to Spanish

The United States has thousand of different styles of birth certificates. Generally, they are all one-page and one-side. When translating a birth certificate for use abroad, it is important to make the translation and its overall presentation as easy to understand as possible. We accomplish that by reproducing the same style and format of the original document for the translation. This allows a side-by-side comparison to be performed which shows to the reader the translation was done competently, accurately, and completely. Additionally, each page of every translation is completed on our legal-sized letterhead and duly signed, sealed and notarized in BOTH English and Spanish.

 new york birth certificate translation to spanish Arizona birth certificate translation to Spanish
Sample of Birth Certificate and Translation from New York
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Sample of Birth Certificate from Arizona
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Obtaining your Birth Certificate - Links

We can translate any birth certificate issued in the United States for marriage in many foreign countries. Links have been provided to state agencies to assist you. After you obtain your birth certificate or other document, simply fax, e-mail or upload it to us for translation or for a no-obligation quote.

Birth Certificate Translations - Average Pricing

ALL Birth Certificate translations of ONE-PAGE / ONE-SIDE have a guaranteed standard pricing of $65.00. Additional pages run from $15.00 - $45.00 additional depending upon the complexity. The pricing of the additional pages will be quoted after sending us the document by fax, e-mail or uploaded from our pricing page. On average, Spanish Birth Certificate usually cost around $85.00 for their complete translation (since most are two pages in length). Each translated page must also be notarized which is an additional cost of $4.00 per page / per copy.

All Birth Certificate Translations are guaranteed to be accept by any U.S. Federal, State, or Local office. For information on how to get started, be sure to check out out web page entitled Birth Certificate Translation which is the first item of the self titled pull-down menu above.