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The Accurate Translator, llc is a small group of highly skilled translators under the proficient management and direction of the Accurate Translator llc, its owner, and managers.

Located in the U.S. Southwest in Phoenix, Arizona, the Accurate Translator, llc focuses a large part of its energy and resources providing full-service document translation services for many languages as well as verbal interpretation services for English and Spanish.

Translation services include academic documents, public legal certificates, medical records & topics, legal & financial forms, technical manuals, real estate & financial reports, contracts, and more. Within these markets, we excel at typesetting and translating documents required by academic institutions, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), immigrations services abroad, human resource departments, as well as sales, marketing, and operation teams of various industries.

Verbal interpretation services are provided for English to Spanish or Spanish to English in-person or by phone. Voice talent for PBX recordings, voice-over's, and radio advertisements in native speaking male and female voices are also provided.

For over ten years, we have partnered with a small group of highly educated and proficient translators for a large number of language combinations. This has allowed the Accurate Translator, llc. to become highly specialized for the translation of civil (public legal) and academic documents alike. These include: birth certificate translation, marriage certificate and marriage license translation, and translation of divorce decrees, death certificates, university degrees, transcripts, etc. These translation services are important especially for those who are dealing with the immigration process in the United States or another country.

We translate for the following languages: Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Albanian, Armenian, Ukrainian and others.

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Birth Certificate Translation

The Accurate Translator, llc is an expert in all types of public legal and birth certificate translation

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Business Translation

English-Spanish Document Translation Our in-house staff consist of only the most experienced professional..

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Academic Translation

One of the most demanding audiences for translations are those who will ask you for the translation of your academic documents

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Immigration Translation

With the new and exisiting immigration laws, there is an unprecedented opportunity to apply for residency and start down the path towards citizenship

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