About Us - Quality, Procedures, Thoroughness, Native Speakers

The Accurate Translator, llc is a small group of highly skilled translators under the proficient management and direction of the Accurate Translator llc, its owner, and managers.

Located in the U.S. Southwest of Phoenix, Arizona, the Accurate Translator, llc focuses a large part of its energy and resources on providing full-service English and Spanish translation services for document translation, as well as verbal interpretation services for meetings, depositions, and over-the-phone interpretation. Voice talent for PBX recordings, voice-over's, and radio advertisements in native speaking male and female voices is also available. The majority of all Spanish translation work as well as our quality assurance process and procedures are all done in-house and not contracted out to third parties..

Our service has become highly specialized in many areas of translation. A few of the areas of specialization include medicine, legal, financial, technical, real estate, mining, chemical and hospitality. Within these markets, we excel at translating documents that deal with human resources, sales, marketing, and operations.

Within the last few years, we started partnering with a small group of highly educated and proficient translators. This has allowed us to offer certain specialized document translation services for a larger number of language combinations outside of English and Spanish translations. For these other language combinations, The Accurate Translator, llc. offers translation services primarily for public legal and academic documents (this includes birth certificate translation, marriage certificate and marriage license translation, and translation of divorce decrees, death certificates, university degrees, transcripts, etc. ) for Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian and other languages. These translation services are important especially for those who are in the immigration process in the United States or that of another country.

Our Services

The Accurate Translator, llc is a limited liability company that has been in operation in Arizona since June of 2006. Due to the nature of the business and frequent request for on-site services, a central public office is counterproductive in providing translation services. All our employees work from their home office or are frequently on-site at a client's place of business.

We are easily reached during the hours of 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM MST (GMT - 07:00) Monday - Friday. Saturdays and Sundays, we are closed. Our central phone number is always directed to one of our staff or answering service is 1-602-773-1380 and our fax number which routes to our fax to e-mail system is 1-206-337-2559. A note to our Arizona residents: This fax to e-mail service is outside of Arizona and dialing a "1" prior to calling is necessary.

It is not uncommon during our closed hours or days of operation to attain a quick response from any faxed or e-mailed inquiry. E-MAIL by far is the quickest way to contact us AT ALL TIMES as it is being checked constantly for any requests or general inquiries.

Our central e-mail for inquiries, customer service, billing issues, web related questions can be sent to: info@accuratetranslator.com

This is our Mailing Address: Acccurate Translator, llc, 13835 N. Tatum Blvd. Suite 9-101, Phoenix, AZ 85032. Please note this is only a mailing address and does not constitute Accurate Translator's Physical Office.

Quality Assurance and Guarantees

Our expert translators are our most important resource. Translators are required to be native speakers of the TARGET language. A native of the SOURCE language with excellent competency in the the TARGET language assists in proof reading to ensure all concepts are conveyed accurately. Large, high-volume corporate clients can rest assured of translation consistency and accuracy through the use of the translation industry's leading software: Trados. Trados helps by recognizing an individual client's industry terminology, expressions, and other patterns to build a custom translation memory specific to a particular client and his industry.

Translation of all public legal documents have a 100%-satisfaction guarantee of acceptance by the requesting government agency. This means that if for any reason the document is rejected by the U.S. (federal, state, or local) government agency requesting the said document, we will either reimburse the money paid or correct the document.

The Accurate Translator, llc is a Better Business Bureau of Arizona accredited business with an "A" rating. Please click on any of the BBB logos to find out any up-to-date information regarding our business practices.

Commercial Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement:

Selecting a translation service that treats all business matters with the utmost confidentiality is one of the most important aspects of selecting a company with whom to work.

This is accomplished by maintaining Company information, customer names, and business content completely confidential. This includes information obtained through our daily workings with a client as well as information obtained through our web site information request form. Employees of the Accurate Translator are bound by this agreement and required to sign our own agreement of non-disclosure. A company name and contact will not even be used as a business reference unless prior consent is sought first and given.